I always carry my camera anywhere. Who knows i could shoot something useful or just take beutiful pictures for my archief footages. So last October, when i visited the Netherlands, my friend, a sport consultant Eka Tanjung also known as om Djenol Tanjung in facebook, asked me: “did you bring a camera? ”

I replied: “Yes…”
“Could you make a film about Adam?” he asked again.
“Sure, no problem,” I said,  hoping he will, at least, give me a good meal for the video, after days only eat bread with nutella.

Video ADAM! was made without treatment and script. It’s an impromptu. The philosophy is just go shoot.  Sony RX 10 I is indeed reliable enough to be used as run and gun camera. Sensor 1 inch is pretty big to shoot at night. Certainly is not the same level with his uncle A7S. But RX10 for sure has his advantage: (almost) no rolling shutter!

Video ADAM! focused more on storytelling. In the meantime i hope that there are enough qualified image to support the story. Without lighting and set up the location. It is what it is. Amazingly the scene interview with Adam was shot in one take. Storytelling and the message are at the core of this film.

Adam full name is Adam Putra Firdaus, a son of Asma Nadia, author of Indonesia’s book best seller “Surga yang Tak Dirindukan”. He was willing to miss his class in Indonesia for a year, for the sake of “studying” in the Netherlands. According to Adam, he learnt much.

“For example, a culture of riding a bicycle..,” said Adam.

Back to the video matters. Well if you have a camera and you’re just like me love to shooting around, then do not forget to bring your camera and make video everywhere. Believe me, it helps you to grow your expertise and experience.


Elqava coffee internet video commercial.

Shot with Canon C100, ef lens 35 mm f/2.8. Edited with Premiere Pro CC and graded with Colorista II.

I remember what my mentor said: a video shoot, whether it’s for reportage, documentary or commercial, needs more than 2 scene locations. I keep the principle…until recently.

I was helping my friend to make an internet commercial video, a simple one. It was indoor shot: a not so big family room and small kitchen. And the video is all about coffee.

It was a challenge. Shooting in a narrow space, with dominant color of white and brown, are enemy of all filmmakers. But, still the video, ends well. I think this video is good enough to bring the message of the product.

Director & DP: Junito Drias
Script: Yunita Rovroy & Team Elqava
Boom operator: Eka Tanjung
Music: Stefsax – Awel


This spot ad campaign, i made for Peduli Anak Foundation, a child education center in Lombok, Indonesia. The Target of this campaign is to bring awareness for Peduli Anak social activities. They hope this video will bring more support for the children there.

Shot with Canon C100, Lens f/4 24 -105mm, edited with Premiere Pro CC.